Artsy Petsy

My dog likes Philip Glass and most other minimalists. She likes Varese and even Xenikis. (so modern music isn’t a problem) Wagner makes her playful and the old guys like Mozart keep her in a good mood. But when I play Ives she starts to whimper and gets mad at me she growls and hides under the table or she barks until I turn it off … (not just any Ives will do, the 2nd symphony seems to be the problem, that and most of the late works for string quartets)

I find this kind of odd, because my cats have an “anger problem” only with the latter half of Ives’ Second, and have never bitched at all about his quartets.

I discussed this with them some time ago, but I can’t remember what they said. It may have had something to do with an experience they had with a bugler when they were in the armed services (I’m speculating here, though: I’ve really quite forgotten). And I’m not speaking to either of them at
present, so I can’t ask them.

Anyway, they’ve probably changed their mind about Ives by now: aesthetically, they’re quite fickle. Especially Madeline, the fat one.


Flea Spray

My dog, Woody, had just been treated with Frontline flea spray when I got him from the RSPCA. Brilliant stuff & lasted the full 3 months as promised. My vet also recommended the stuff so I went ahead & bought some. Problem is that Woody goes completely mad when I try & spray him. Even with the aid of my sister it was impossible to cover him properly as is necessary.

What I did instead is spray it on my hands (wear rubber gloves) and rub it into Woody’s coat. That worked well and kept him from going insane.

The next time, I also used Frontline TopSpot. Once a month I squeeze a little vial of it onto my
dog’s skin between his shoulder blades. Works great, and isn’t nearly as messy as sprays.